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Yealink W59R Ruggedized IP67 Certified DECT Handset + W60B DECT IP Base Station

by Yealink



Yealink W59-PKG combines the ruggedized W59R with the W60 base station in one simple package.

Tough and reliable with IP67 standard certified

Yealink W59R, certified to rigorous IP67 standard, is a professional ruggedized DECT handset with integrated Bluetooth and vibration alarm that is pretty eligible for any demanding environment. Besides perfect telephony, this handset is also fully compatible with Yealink W80 Multi-Cell System that provides users with the convenience and good experience of mobile communication in and between each zone. As a reliable and durable handset, its complete alarm functions and integrated G-Sensor lends W59R itself well to the person who works in hazardous locations

Shock, dust and water resistant
Yealink W59R is a well-rounded companion with its certified Ingress Protection rating of 67 (IP67) and long-life lithium battery, which can be entirely relied on in the complicated and harsh working environment, such as construction sites, factories and warehouses. Meanwhile, its tough rubberized surface protects the handset from slipping, scratching and disinfectant.

Freely mobile communication
Fully compatible with Yealink W80 Multi-Cell System, W59R lets the users have seamless roaming and handover of the calls. Free your hands with Bluetooth headsets and belt clip when you are inconvenient to hold the handset, for example, in the factory or the warehouse. Meanwhile, the vibration alarm prevents you from missing the calls in the noisy locations. In short, W59R tends to make a major contribution to realizing true mobile communication.

Worthy of Reliance
A series of perfect alarm functions, including push-button alarm, no-movement alarm, man-down alarm and running alarm, aim to minimize safety risks. The administrator can configure different types of alarm for different members and the emergency calls will be sent automatically once an emergency occurs.

Free from distraction and interruption
To kick the wireless HD communication into high gear, W59R has been developed with multiple leading technologies combined together, including FNR (Flexible Noise Reduction), LC3 (Low Complexity Communication Codec) Plus, full duplex and Opus. This means users can get a stable and high-quality audio experience even the working environment is full of noise or wireless interference.

  • W59R Handset with Belt Clip
  • W60 Base Station
  • Charging Cradle
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Power Adapter
  • Decorative Cover
  • Quick Start Guide

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