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Jabra Evolve2 30 USB-C, MS Stereo

by Jabra / GN Netcom
SKU: 23089-999-879



Engineered to keep you productive. Lightweight, portable, reliable, comfortable.

Gentle, lightweight comfort.
We measured hundreds of heads to engineer a headset that’s 27% lighter1and extremely comfortable, with a reinforced steel headband and a new design that exerts gentle, evenly distributed pressure. Because all-day comfort means all-day productivity.

Flexibility you can rely on.
With a reinforced steel headband and slider, and significantly enhanced protection of both internal and external components,this headset can go with you wherever you go, for maximum lifetime value and reduced replacement costs.

Clear, collaborative calls.
An advanced 2-microphone audio system captures your voice while simultaneously analyzing and reducing background noise, for 12%less background conversation noise on calls.1Evolve2 30 meets premium Microsoft Open Office requirements.

Instant ‘do not disturb’ sign.
The Evolve2 30 automatically knows when you need peace and quiet, with an integrated busylight that turns on automatically when you’re on a call. You can also turn it on manually to signal ‘do not disturb’ mode.

Incredible noise isolation in an instant.
Evolve2 30 is specifically engineered to deliver portable concentration, anywhere, cancelling 48% more of the noise around you.1Noise-isolating foam oval ear cushions and pioneering angled earcup design deliver great passive noise cancellation; perfect for the worker whose office is always changing.