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Control Panel for Heckler AV Cart - for iPad 10.2-inch or Logitech Tap

by Heckler Design
SKU: H705-BG



No mobile video meeting system is complete without its control device. With Control Panel for for Heckler AV Cart you can quickly integrate an iPad (7th Generation), Logitech Tap, and other control screens.

Stay in control of your video meetings.
Configure your video meeting systems your way. With Control Panel for Heckler AV Cart you can easily add a control device to create a self-contained meeting system of your design.

Control your display angle.
Who are we to presume what control screen angle you prefer? We get it. So we've enabled you to select the angle that best suits your deployment environment and the installation height. Install Control Panel from horizontal to vertical in 22.5-degree increments. Go nuts.

Control your mass deployments.
Don't forget, fully configured, self-contained Heckler AV Carts can nest together closer than any other video collaboration system on this green Earth. Not a big deal - until you realize this means you can mass-deploy and maintain an enterprise full of state-of-the-art video meeting systems all from one room, and without putting a single hole in a wall. And when your lease is up, you are already ready to roll.

Control your Lightning cable.
Chad from Marketing isn't going to charge his iPhone with this Lightning cable. You need your video meeting controllers to remain fully powered at all times - Control Panel's integrated cable security makes it so.

Control your choice of controller.
Prefer to deploy Logitech Tap rather than iPad? It's cool. Simply use the VESA-mounting screws included with Tap to fasten it directly to Control Panel. This goes for any control device with VESA 75 or VESA 100 mounting compatibility.

  • Control Panel for Heckler AV Cart
  • Assembly tools
  • Assembly hardware

336 x 274 x 51 mm