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Azulle Access4 Mini PC Stick - Windows 11 Pro




Azulle’s Access Fanless Mini PC Sticks have set an industry standard for flexible and compact computing. The Access4 sports an edgy new design with the same small form factor, plus more performance than its predecessors. It’s available with Windows 11 Pro operating system and an upgraded Intel Gemini Lake processor, as well as 4GB RAM/64GB eMMC. It includes a Micro SD card slot to expand storage up to 512GB.

  • Compatible with any HD enabled TVs, monitors and projectors; great solution for dorm rooms, restaurants, classrooms, or conference rooms.
  • The new USB-C port provides dual monitor capabilities to maximize productivity.
  • Create a personalized workspace or media center with USB or Bluetooth accessories such as keyboard, mouse, or webcam.
  • Equipped with Dual-band WiFi and a Gigabit Ethernet port for reliable high-speed connectivity.
  • 4K quality video output at 60FPS for streaming Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and more.
  • It can directly power an external USB hard drive with it’s power delivery technology and serve as network storage solution for faster transfer speed.